Meditech aim

We help realize healthy and comfortable lives for people around the world.

 By looking beyond the technology, our real commitment lies in building safe lives. We aim to provide a hightech of defibrillator monitor for Hospitals and clinics use , and automated external defibrillator for public .

Meditech Principles

Our Principles represent our unchanging, unshakeable beliefs. The Meditech Principles are the cornerstone of our decisions and actions. They are what binds us together, and they are the driving force behind Meditech’s growth.


Our Mission

"To improve lives and contribute to a better society". Our Mission summarizes the meaning of ‘Business should create value for society through its key practices). This summary offers more concise terms that are easier for our employees to identify with.


Respect for all

Act with integrity and encourage everyone’s potential.

Respect for All is more than a basic respect for diversity, personality, and individuality. Respect for All is the core value underlying all our activities in pursuit of living lives and performing jobs of purpose and promise.

We act with integrity, creating stronger relationships of trust with individuals and society. This goes to the core of our existence as a company.

We believe in the unlimited potential that is possible when our people express their talents and individuality, working with respect for others and maximizing our strengths together.


Our values

Be a pioneer in creating inspired solutions for the future.

Innovation Driven by Social Needs creates a better society by discovering emerging needs. We give value to society through products and services that anticipate and resolve social issues.

Innovation Driven by Social Needs leads to new unprecedented products and drives us to find new approaches and attitudes in our work. We look at existing products and make them easier for customers to use.

We continue to develop our foresight, our sense for latent social needs, and the creativity to push those needs to the surface.

Challenging ourselves

Pursue new challenges with passion and courage.

Challenging Ourselves serves as the driving force behind our delivering new value, unprecedented solutions, and active change.

Continue to challenge ourselves to develop unprecedented products and services that lead to a variety of new possibilities. This ties directly to our value of Innovation Driven by Social Needs.

The more fearless we are in taking on difficult issues, the greater the joy we experience when we succeed. This results in an upward cycle of confidence. Through our failures and successes, we grow together and build an even stronger company.

Meditech Defibrillators

Meditech was founded in 1998, with 3 daughter companies, and is a group dedicated to provide state-of-the-art Medical Equipment with top-ranking quality and outstanding reputation. As one of the leading medical equipment manufactures, we are involved in R&D, manufacturing and marketing. And as a global enterprise, our products are selling in more than 70 countries worldwide. We produce professional Defibrillator Monitor and Advanced Automated External Defibrillator (AED) .. All of our products have been approved by ISO13485 and have passed CE Certificates. We stick to delivering our high quality product and best service to our global base of customers.